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Workshop and DVD Comments


DVD   Joyce- Just finished your floral DVD, and thought it was excellent. I loved the way you took the time to go through exactly how you approached the four different florals. Just perfect!  I own your other DVDs, big book, little books, and loved your webinar you did for Northlight.  I don’t do many workshops, just tend to buy the DVDs of artists I like, and see if I even like the way they teach.  You have exceeded all expectations, and can’t wait to try to loosen up my watercolors from all of the wonderful advice you have given. Thank you for being so open with all of your extremely helpful tips.  Hopefully, one day I will have the opportunity to take one of your workshops! Trish S

Workshop  I gained so much from your workshop and you inspired me to believe in myself, and study, study, study!   You are not only an amazingly talented artist, gifted and generous teacher,  you are a truly warm and genuine person.  I loved your wise  life stories!    Bless you for three of the best class days I have ever spent!    I am seeing a difference in my approach to the world and my painting already, and  looking forward to another workshop with you! Nancy A

Workshop  Thank you for another wonderful experience – was it only last week? Again I learned so much, and feel a renewed drive to paint, paint, paint. I really liked the exercises and demos you included in the workshop this year. And I like how you took us into unfamiliar and perhaps more difficult landscape territory and end with a floral process, which feels more fluid somehow right now. I am less inhibited with color in the florals, and I think that’s where I need to spend a lot of time – blending and dropping color all over. I wanted to tell you that my husband Steve really liked the painting I purchased. Right away he said “It reminds me of that place over in. . .” and “I want to go over that hill and see what’s on the other side.” So I am now doubly happy that I brought it home! Mary T.

Workshop  I had such a great time this year, Joyce. What a wonderful and helpful group of people we had in the class, and I learned so much, once again. I highly recommend a Joyce Hicks workshop, and then repeat again and again. You are such an inspiring and thoughtful instructor. Thank you! Mary T.

Workshop  Joyce, I am so happy to have met you at the Dillman’s Workshop. Your paintings are so beautiful and you are really a talented teacher. I learned so much from you. I really appreciate that you helped me finally understand when and how I can introduce another color into a wash! I hope our paths cross again one day. BRAVO! Lee M.

Workshop  Spent my birthday away at a Joyce Hicks workshop . I stayed 4 nights right on the beach … (Yes, I saved for this for a long time) and it was worth every cent. I’ve written more about it on my “Place” blog. Always known for it’s beautiful sunsets on the Gulf it didn’t disappoint. At the workshop I was like a sponge and absorbed everything I could , filling a notebook with sketches and notes. Joyce is an artist not only with the desire to share her knowledge, but has a beautiful heart. It was a memorable time for me. BJ

DVD  Joyce, I must tell you how great this DVD is! I stayed up until 2:00am this morning watching it! I plan on watching it a lot. I am starting to look for shapes in landscapes now. I am usually a very detailed kind of person so this has been tough but with your great guidance I am learning. Also, thanks for helping understand the layering of the paint better. I also need to quit going back over my strokes once I have laid down the paint. Your book is so wonderful too. It is in my hands a lot. Please keep making your wonderful DVD’s!  Janet C.

Workshop “I do want to wish you the best New Year ever because you contributed so richly to my 2013, a year of wonderful discovery for me! I’m not painting only rainbows, but I may as well be, because I sure am happy painting and I owe much of that to your marvelous instruction. Our paths will cross again, I feel certain, but regardless, please know that you touched this life very deeply and gave much joy.” Mary T.

Workshop “Brevard Watercolor Society, Inc. just finished a 3-Day Workshop ‘Transforming the Landscape in Watercolors’ presented by Joyce Hicks, AWS I cannot say enough great things about Joyce! I an sincerely say that she is one of our nation’s Top Instructors! Everyone was in tune to exploring everything she had to teach…and she had a lot! The entire workshop was one of the best learning experiences I’ve had and from the comments we received, the same held true from every student….they couldn’t say enough good things about the workshop and Joyce! ‘Thank you so much Joyce’ for teaching in a way that kept us on our toes and brought new knowledge to fill a lifetime journey in watercolors and art! She is truly one of the Greats!” Judy C.

DVD “The technical aspects of the DVD are very good. Your demeanor, the audio clarity, and the camera work that gave me a clear close-up view of the palette work, the application of paint to large shapes, and the detailed brushwork. Oh how I wish I’d seen this when I first started with watercolor years ago. I’d never seen ANYONE actually DOING a watercolor, much less someone as skilled as you.” Mary E.

Workshop “Joyce, I thought you taught a wonderful workshop. I think you might have hit on something by not attending any workshops yourself. You didn’t get yourself caught up in “how other artists teach”…you do yours the Joyce Hicks way. I really liked the progression; 1st day exercises, 2nd day selecting our own subject after watching your process and going through the steps and on to working on our own paintings on the 3rd day? Well, I can’t say enough positive stuff! It was a great experience and I’d sign up tomorrow for another three days next week!” Nancy J.

Workshop “I enjoyed every minute of my private workshop with Joyce. I feel so much more comfortable working out my plan before going to watercolor and painting with watercolor, especially with landscapes. The information you learn from Joyce is invaluable.” Ginny H.

DVD “Hi Joyce, just wanted to let you know I got your DVD and it is WONDERFUL!!!!! Some of the things I like most — besides your beautiful style. I’ve viewed many instructional videos. Though I’m interested in them, when simply watching someone paint for a long stretch, I find my attention wandering…or I actually nod off. Inserting the asides where you are in the chair giving some valuable principles breaks up the session and resets my attention. No sleeping! Your running commentary as you do paint — not only what you’re doing, but your thought process and the principles behind what you do — makes the DVD valuable for even those who aim for a different style or those who use a different medium. And the technical aspects of the video are very good. Your demeanor, the audio clarity, and the camera work that gave me a clear close-up view of the palette work, the application of paint to large shapes, and the detailed brushwork. Oh how I wish I’d seen this when I first started with watercolor years ago. I’d never seen ANYONE actually DOING a watercolor, much less someone as skilled as you. So thank you for the excellent DVD. I can’t wait for the book to come out. Hope it will be as early in 2014 as possible. Meanwhile, hope the publisher will get the book on Amazon for pre-order. I routinely spot books that I might like to purchase when they’re released and put them in my Wish List. Great way to prime the sales pump.” Mary E.

DVD “The DVD is excellent. I remember you telling me much of what you shared in the DVD. I really love that you have a very systematic way of working. You are clear and give your viewer as much information about each step you take. Not all artists are good teachers…many times they can’t explain why they do what they do. But I count you among the best of teachers. You can’t learn how to paint without understanding the ‘why’ of things. Thank you for making the DVD and I definitely look forward to your next one.” Cynthia S.

Workshop “We just finished a Joyce Hicks workshop. All agreed one of the best watercolor workshops ever. It was called “Transforming the Landscape” and we learned means to do this that no one has ever taught us before. She is a wonderful teacher if any group is thinking of having her give a workshop. So inspired here in Bozeman, Montana! Thank you, Joyce.” Priscilla W.

DVD “Hi Joyce, I just had to tell you, I sat down to watch your new DVD today and it is wonderfully done.  I’ve always loved your technique and you explain it beautifully in the Coastal Cottages DVD. I really like how clearly and succinctly you describe your tools list and colors. Also it is so helpful to have a play-by-play of you painting, with no missing steps. I love the way you mix your colors on the paper. It gives such clear, fresh color and maintains the light. I already have some scenes in mind that I want to do. Off to my sketchbook to get to work. Thank you so much.” Judy K.

Workshop “My friend just came back from private lessons with you and she is just inspired. I think she has amazing ability but was stuck doing others work now she is sketching and doing the first draft paintings until she gets it just right before she begins her piece She is just inspired. Thank you for sharing your gift with us. She really came alive after her time with you and I am thrilled for her.”

Workshop “I feel inarticulate and at a loss to accurately convey to you how much the past 3 days meant to me. I am so appreciative of you opening your home to me. While I realize it was a business deal, you made me feel welcome and at home, and it felt more like two friends gathering to paint than a business transaction. I am honored to have had the opportunity to not only meet you but to spend time with you and your kind husband. My gal pal and I met for breakfast this morning then we came back here to paint, where we did roses, roses, roses. We are going to meet again next Monday, and this week I am planning to start “The Process” for another color sketch/attempted painting. I am also going to go through my watercolor books and pull out the ones I think may be helpful; also going to order some small watercolor paint books to use to develop my “visual language” I want to get these as booklets so I can keep them and have them to refer to; also to view my progress. Thanks, Joyce, hope we can do it again!”  Deb S.

Workshop “It was an honor to spend time with you. I cannot express how grateful I am for your warm hospitality. I have taken a number of workshops prior to this one-on-one time, and I must say that it feels wonderful to leave with an actual “plan” to improve not only my skills, but my thought process. I am implementing the methodology, and I can’t wait to show you my progress down the road! For anyone who seriously desires to improve their ability to move forward in their watercolor painting, I suggest you take some lessons from Joyce. Or at the very least, buy her book when it comes out…I can’t wait! Thanks again, Joyce!”  Cynthia S.

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