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Private Instruction

Schedule a Private or Semi-Private 4-5 Day Intensive Watercolor Workshop. Please contact me directly for pricing and details.

Joyce Hicks, AWS
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“My friend just came back from private lessons with you and she is just inspired. I think she has amazing ability but was stuck doing others work now she is sketching and doing the first draft paintings until she gets it just right before she begins her piece She is just inspired. Thank you for sharing your gift with us.”

“She really came alive after her time with you and I am thrilled for her.”

“I feel inarticulate and at a loss to accurately convey to you how much the past 3 days meant to me. I am so appreciative of you opening your home to me. While I realize it was a business deal, you made me feel welcome and at home, and it felt more like two friends gathering to paint than a business transaction. I am honored to have had the opportunity to not only meet you but to spend time with you and your kind husband. My gal pal and I met for breakfast this morning then we came back here to paint, where we did roses, roses, roses. We are going to meet again next Monday, and this week I am planning to start “The Process” for another color sketch/attempted painting. I am also going to go through my watercolor books and pull out the ones I think may be helpful; also going to order some small watercolor paint books to use to develop my “visual language” (I want to get these as booklets so I can keep them and have them to refer to; also to view my progress.) Thanks, Joyce, hope we can do it again!”

“It was an honor to spend time with you. I cannot express how grateful I am for your warm hospitality. I have taken a number of workshops prior to this one-on-one time, and I must say that it feels wonderful to leave with an actual “plan” to improve not only my skills, but my thought process. I am implementing the methodology, and I can’t wait to show you my progress down the road! For anyone who seriously desires to improve their ability to move forward in their watercolor painting, I suggest you take some lessons from Joyce. (Or at the very least, buy her book when it comes out…I can’t wait!) Thanks again, Joyce!

A Farmhouse I Saw in Virginia

The scene that inspired the painting!

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