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Making beautiful memories at Rosemary Beach

The day after Christmas just us girls, Mom, Daughter and Granddaughter headed for Rosemary Beach, Florida to bring in the New Year. The boys opted out so they could stay home and watch all the Bowl games on TV together. We had a wonderful time with no specific agenda in mind other than making the […]
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Two paintings receive Cash Awards

I was so pleased to find out that “Depot by the River” and “I Found it in Waldport” both received a cash award in International Exhibitions juried by Ratindra Das for Watercolor West and Jean Grastorf for the San Diego Watercolor Society.
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Montana I’m on my way!

Montana, I’m on my way and I can’t wait! Sunday morning I’ll be boarding a plane at DFW for a flight that takes me to Bozeman, Montana. I’m going to spend 4 wonderful days painting and sharing my simple methods for transforming the landscape with Southwest Montana Art Society. Montana, if you are reading this, […]
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First instructional DVD to be released soon

So many ask me when and if I will ever make an instructional watercolor DVD. I am very excited to finally be able to say my first DVD is almost ready for release! Production is complete and all that remains now is making it available on my website for purchase. It’s almost 2 hours in length, time for me […]
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Book deadline met

I felt such a sense of satisfaction when I finally had Chapters One and Two of my new book on its way to my editor, Vanessa Wieland, who has been such a big help to me. Since I’d never written a book before I knew it was going to be an exciting new challenge and […]
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I found it in Waldport, Oregon

What did I find? I found paradise all wrapped up in a sun drenched day! That was back in 2008 when we traveled down the Oregon Coast and stopped to spend a few days in Waldport, a charming village by the sea. We followed a rough country road that led off in the direction of […]
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Coastal scene inspires new watercolor painting

This new 18×24 painting is from a road trip we took down Highway One along the Pacific Coast Highway. We stopped for lunch in the small coastal village of Elk, California and I spotted this quaint seaside cottage. I couldn’t resist stopping to photograph and sketch my impressions and the following  is my interpretation of […]
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Time To Go Home

On the road since November 12th, but now it’s time to go home! We’ve had an absolutely wonderful time seeing some of the most incredible sites you can imagine. I’m so inspired to paint beautiful places and have lots of great new photographs, small sketches and studies to help me step back in time to […]
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Tropical Captiva and Sanibel Island

Sanibel and Captiva are known for their great shelling, so I was looking forward to finding pretty new sea shells to add to my collection. Unfortunately the sea shores and beaches of this spectacular place are pretty much closed off to the public, are very crowded and require a fee to even step on to. […]
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Exploring Cedar Key

Exploring the little village of Cedar Key doesn’t take very long. The town is so small it doesn’t even have a stop light, but it‘s charm and natural beauty more than makes up for what it lacks in size. Larry picked out some island fruit for us and then we topped off a wonderful day […]
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Cedar Key Island Community

Cedar Key is an Island community with small town flavor where it is said time stands still. It is located three miles out in the Gulf of Mexico on Way Key, the largest island in the “Cedar Keys“. It has a rich history with natural beauty and is also one of the oldest bird and […]
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Local Color at Apalachicola

If you love seafood then Apalachicola, Eastpoint and nearby Carrabelle is where you’ll find the freshest ever. It’s oystermen and shrimpers go out daily in small boats to harvest some of the best to be had. Their bounty is sold “fresh caught” from small shacks along the roadways or served up in a variety of […]
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St. George Island, Florida

Today we explored St George Island from one end to the other. There is a beautifully restored lighthouse there with a unique and interesting history. Even though it was a little blustery we walked it’s beach but didn’t find many shells. They’ve been scarce since we reached the Coast, but I’m in hopes of finding […]
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A man we met…

While walking along the waters edge in Bayou La Batre we met an interesting man fishing from one of the many docks there. He said hello and we struck up a friendly conversation with him. He told us about how he had lived in this small village all his life, how much he loved it […]
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A Visit to Bayou La Batre, Alabama

We came across a small town named Bayou La Batre just before crossing over to Dauphin Island. A busy fishing village, one seemingly untouched by modern day society whose main industry revolves around the sea. There was no activity this day after Thanksgiving, but it’s colorful harbor was packed tightly with boats of every size, […]
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Meet Sassie!

I’d like to introduce you to our little dog Sassie, a treasured member of our family. She’s a Havanese, a breed which originates from Havana, Cuba. The breed is known for their robustness, joyful disposition, intelligence, fluffy coat and incredibly sweet and loving nature. She is our constant companion and loyal friend, one who tugs […]
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Historic Fort Gaines

A visit to historic Fort Gaines took us back in time. The fort, established in 1821 is the site of the Battle of Mobile Bay and for the famous phrase “Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead.”
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Dauphin Island, Alabama

Dauphin Island, AL, a charming laid back seaside community completely unspoiled by the commercial attractions one often finds along coastlines.  Our first day we enjoyed an Arts Festival being held at a local park amid ancient oaks and perfectly beautiful weather. We’re staying at a woodsy park just a short walk through palmettos and tall […]
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Early Morning Louisiana

Up before the sun and anxious to be on our way after spending the night in Iowa, Louisiana. The countryside is beautiful to see as the morning sun  illuminates the landscape.  Below are photos I took from my window as we sped along the deserted highway. Traveling to a new destination during the early morning […]
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First Stop Galveston, Texas

The first leg of our travel found us in Galveston, Texas to see some of the historic homes there before going on. We took a ferry across to the Bolivar Peninsula to see it’s landmark lighthouse before continuing on our journey.
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New Travel Plans!

Spending time in Taos earlier this year seems so long ago now, so we are anxious to be on our way again to new and beautiful destinations. We are scheduled to pick up our new Casita Travel Trailer at the Rice, TX  factory on November 12th. We will leave from there and leisurely make our […]
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