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Paintings chosen for exhibitions


Two of my latest paintings were chosen for inclusion into the 43rd Watercolor West International Exhibition in Brea, California and the 32nd Pennsylvania Watercolor Society International Exhibition in West Chester, PA.

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  • jane

    These are wonderful! Wish I could paint like you!

    • jhicks

      Hi Jane…thank you for your kind comment. Just keep painting and enjoy the journey. Soon your very own unique style will emerge…Joyce

  • Michele

    Congratulations! Beautiful

    • jhicks

      Thank you Michele for taking the time to leave me your comments…Joyce

  • Pilar Cannizzaro

    I’m a beginner watercolorist from Santa Fe, NM and the moment I saw your paintings on the April 2011 Watercolor magazine, I fell in love with them. Your use of color and light are amazing and I aspire to learn from your style. I’ve been studying the article on that issue and learning from it. How much are your workshops? Do you ever come to New Mexico? I wish you did, as there are many beautiful places around here for you to paint and Santa Fe is a mecca for artists like you. I just subscribed to your newsletter and hope to be able to attend one of your workshps some day (I have an uncle in San Antonio and would love to go to your Jan. 2012 one). Thank you for the beauty you offer,


    • jhicks

      Hi Pilar…I am always thrilled to hear that my work can somehow inspire others, thanks so much for letting me know. Right now I do not have a workshop scheduled in New Mexico, but would be delighted to come to your state. Maybe you have a club, society or organization that would be interested in sponsoring a workshop. If so, I would facilitate the opportunity in any way possible. If you think you may be able to attend my San Antonio workshop, just email the contact person on my website and she will be able to answer any questions you may have. I have heard that other artist from New Mexico have signed up and would love to meet you there too. Also, thank you for signing up for my e-newsletter, you will be receiving my last mailing asap. Thanks again for your kind comments and please feel free to contact me any time…Joyce

  • Michele

    Hi Joyce,

    I was just reading Pilar’s comments about learning your style techniques. I, as well, would love to take one of your workshops but live many states away. We have a few gallery’s here that have classes but their schedules are usually booked 1-2 yrs out. I will most certainly try to arrange a workshop here in Camano Island. Until then, I wanted to run this idea by you to see if it may be of interest. We have a local artist here in Washington State that teaches by a blog. I’ve included her link here for you to peruse: http://blog.bergsma.com If you scroll down you can see how she shares her step by step process. I just love this concept and thought this may be an additional way for you to share with some of us. Your paintings inspire me. I love the way the colors mingle with each other, the cripness of the day – your paintings make me feel as if I’m standing right there. Now for smell-a-vision, lol. Keep up the great work!

    • jhicks

      Hi Michele…thank you for taking the time to leave a post for me. First I want to say how thrilled I would be to come to your area to teach a painting workshop and would be happy to facilitate that in any way I can. It would be so inspiring to paint in such a beautiful place with other artists! I really enjoyed visiting the link you included and wanted to invite you to visit my blog category link http://jhicksfineart.com/category/blog/demonstrations where I also offer some insight into my personal painting style. I always enjoy hearing and visiting with fellow artists and hope you will be contacting me again in the future…Joyce

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