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Loosen up your painting style with this easy exercise!


Try this fun exercise if you want to free up your painting style! Loosely sketch a simple scene on a 9×12 sheet of watercolor paper (make sure you always use good 100% cotton rag paper and professional grade pigments). With a pencil lightly indicate placement of your main shapes minus any detail. Set a timer for 30 minutes and then go! Look closely at the images below and you will easily see my pencil marks. Once you have brush in hand you must paint as fast as you can without adjusting or retouching a single stroke! Continue in this fashion until you have completely massed in all shapes with color! No stopping to think! Just keep pushing paint across the paper in an attempt to finish before the timer bell goes off!This should all be done from your imagination! Don’t use a photo or anything that you are trying to copy or replicate as it immediately hinders creativity! I love doing this exercise because it is so much fun and especially like using it to “warm up” right before beginning any serious painting session! I hope you’ll enjoy doing this simple exercise just as much as I do! Keep up the practice and before long the confidence you gain along the way will begin to show in your work!

painting exercise painting exercise painting exercise

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