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I found it in Waldport, Oregon


What did I find? I found paradise all wrapped up in a sun drenched day! That was back in 2008 when we traveled down the Oregon Coast and stopped to spend a few days in Waldport, a charming village by the sea. We followed a rough country road that led off in the direction of the ocean and came upon the most wonderful scene. Below is the picture I took and even though it can’t be seen due to the bright sun blending sea and sky together the sea is there none the less, and very blue. The photo seems so bland but if you could have been there with me you would have been just as awestruck as I was. A photo, pencil sketch, small watercolor study and great memories all go into the creation of each painting. A while ago I came across all the preliminary work I did in 2008 and memories of that wonderful day came flooding back and I couldn’t wait to paint a larger version of it. I hope you will enjoy my interpretation of that gorgeous day and the scene I found by the edge of the sea in Waldport, Oregon.

The scene that inspired the painting!











Pencil Sketch














Watercolor Study 9×12


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  • Suzy Pal

    AWESOME Work! i love your style, technique!
    hoping someday to get in a workshop with you.
    I am in west Texas.

    • jhicks

      Hi Suzy…thank you for your kind words! I would be thrilled to present a watercolor workshop in your area. If you have a club or society that would care to host me I would do whatever necessary to facilitate it…..Joyce

  • Vicki Monette

    Beautiful painting. And I like the way you include the photo that inspired the painting. Congrats on the AWS signature status! That is wonderful and that painting is absolutely gorgeous!

    • jhicks

      Hello Vicki…Thank you for your congrats! I’m pleased that you are enjoying my work! Hopefully I will have another new painting to post soon, but our beautiful Spring weather is tempting me outdoors to shop and plant bunches of colorful new annuals first…Joyce



    • jhicks

      My pleasure!!!

  • Susan McBride

    I absolutely love your work, everything you have done. These on your Facebook are exceptional. I have the Watercolor artists issue you were highlighted in. I am ordering your DVD. If you are ever in Northern California for a workshop, please put me on your list to join in. Susie

    • jhicks

      Thank you Susie! I absolutely love California and in hopes that I will be invited to come present a workshop there one day!…Joyce

  • Nancy Spann

    I too would love it if you were to come to Northern California and do a workshop…I’ll be right behind Susie in line!! Your work is so inspirational. I’m going to dust off my paints and get busy.

    • jhicks

      Hi Nancy…California is one of my favorite destinations, especially the Pacific Coast and I would love to have another visit in my future to look forward to…Joyce

  • Glenda

    Joyce…thanks so much for the tidbits. Such a pleasure to view your work and then study your process. You breathe life into your art!!

    • jhicks

      Thank you Glenda for visiting my website and posting your comment for me. I find that painting is mostly a solitary endeavor so being able to share what I do with others is a pleasure, for sure…Joyce

  • Peggy Fare

    Dear Joyce, Wonderful workshop! I loved watching you create beautiful watercolors in your very unique style. Thank you for sharing your talent with us. Congratulations on your success!

    • jhicks

      Hi Peggy…Thank you taking time to post your kind comment. I feel so fortunate to have been able to spend 3 wonderful days painting with the talented Watercolor East Texas group. I won’t soon forget my time with any of you and am hoping that our paths will cross again someday…Joyce

  • Ross Lynem

    I just love this. It is so great that you share your process step by step with everyone. One day i hope to take a work shop with you. It’s on my bucket list! Happy painting Joyce. Oh, and i just got my Splash 13 book in the mail and saw your beautiful work there. Congratulations.

    • jhicks

      Hi Ross…Thank you for taking the time to let me know that you are enjoying my work, it means a lot to me. I’ll also be hoping that we can paint together someday, but in the meantime I’ll just look forward to the possibility…Joyce

  • Peggy Gaines

    I just happened to see your painting today entitled “I Found it in Waldport” in the Artists Network Newsletter. I, too, found paradise in Waldport for 10 years – 1980 to 1990. I was into photography at the time and since have taken up painting – watercolors and acrylics. I love your transformation of the photo you took in Waldport. You have inspired me to dig out some of my photos and find some of your videos, etc. to learn how to transform some of the gazillion photos I have of the Oregon coast. I now live in Tucson, AZ which is a far cry from Waldport, but it has it’s own beauty, especially this time of year w/the Palo Verde trees in bloom. Thank you for sharing your beautiful work and wisdom. Peggy Gaines

    • jhicks

      Hi Peggy, thank you so much for leaving me your comment! I enjoyed hearing that you lived in Waldport and that my painting may have evoked some fond memories of your time there. I have never forgotten the place and how inspiring it was!

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