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Sunday is a Day of Rest 18×24

Following is a scene I discovered a couple of years ago while in Pennsylvania giving a workshop. With a few days to spare before the workshop started we explored the country roads and farmlands around Lancaster. As I stood before the old buildings I was taken with how peaceful it was and how the whole […]

Barn Door Whimsy 18×24

Someone had painted the old barn door a beautiful shade of blue and I thought the choice added the perfect touch of whimsy to the facade of the old weathered barn. Since this fanciful accent is what first caught my eye it would be what my painting was about. As you can see I have […]

Sun Dried 18×24

Following is a photo of a homey scene I came upon as we traveled through St. Augustine, Florida. An ordinary subject to say the least, but I knew the feeling of life the drying laundry gave and the commanding vertical presence of the white house would be more than enough to build a painting around.  […]

Red Shutters 18×24

Red Shutters was originally painted as a small Workshop Demo. I especially liked the harmony of color I achieved by using a very limited palette and knew I would paint it again in a larger format. Following are the pigments I used: Quinacridone Gold Burnt Sienna Manganese Blue Cobalt Blue Alizarin Crimson contact Artist for […]

This Way To The Vineyard 18×24

While exploring the Virginia countryside we saw a sign sign that read “Greenwood” and pointed the way to a country road. It was on this seldom traveled road that I discovered a beautiful vineyard which cannot be seen in my photo because it was further on around the bend. But since I wanted to feature it in […]

White Barns in Virginia 22×30

“White Barns in Virginia” was inspired by our travels through Virginia where peaceful pastoral scenes like this one dot the beautiful countryside. It was a flat, overcast day and since I much prefer painting scenes that are touched by the sun that is what I did. I hope you’ll enjoy this sunny painting just as much as I […]

I Found It In Waldport 18×24

What did I find? I found paradise all wrapped up in a sun drenched day! That was back in 2008 when we traveled down the Oregon Coast and stopped to spend a few days in Waldport, a charming village by the sea. We followed a rough country road that led off in the direction of […]

Depot by the River 18×24

The following scene of bygone days caught my eye as we crossed  over a river somewhere in Pennsylvania. There was something about the scene that made we want to snap a photo as quickly as possible. Sometimes I only have seconds to photograph scenes likes this from our car window as we explore America’s country byways. […]

A Farmhouse I Saw in Virigina

A blue farmhouse with yellow trim and  other out-buildings was just some of the quaint country architecture I saw when we traveled through parts of the lush Virginia countryside. The old farmhouse caught my eye and I immediately knew I wanted to paint it. I also knew there were too many unnecessary elements in the scene that needed to be eliminated before I could […]

A Way of Life 22×30

I  recorded this scene quickly with my camera from our car window on a mostly flat, overcast day. I wanted to capitalize on the way the plowed field visually took my eye back into the landscape and the softness of the shadowless day. I think I accomplished what I set out to do and feel pleased with the […]

Aspen Color 15×22

The Aspen tree is a glorious thing to behold when it shows its Fall color. It was easy enough to conjure a picture of this in my mind’s eye and imagine the tinkling sound their leaves make. With this in mind I painted “Aspen Color” completely from my imagination and the scene I envisioned while painting […]

Vineyard Farm in Cambria 18×24

While traveling down the Pacific Coast Highway we visited the coastal village of Cambria, California. While there we drove out Santa Rosa Creek Road where I found an old homestead sitting before a vineyard. This idyllic scene was the inspiration for my painting “Vineyard Farm in Cambria.” contact Artist for pricing and availability

Laurel Mountain Highlands Farm 18×24

Nothing inspires me more than winding country roads, quaint farmhouses and pastoral landscapes like the ones I saw when we traveled through an area called “Laurel Mountain Highlands” in Pennsylvania. The contrast and crispness of the white farmhouse framed by  dark pines  became the obvious theme for my painting. contact Artist for pricing and availability

Mendocino Moment 16×20

A road trip down the Pacific Coast Highway took us through scenic Mendocino, California. I fell in love with the quaint architecture which later became the subject of a demonstration painting I did for the Martin Museum of Art at Baylor University. Later, in my home studio, I took artistic liberty and simplified the scene further […]

Out Santa Rosa Creek Road 22×30

While traveling down the Pacific Coast Highway we stopped to explore the quaint village of Cambria, California. While there we decided to take a drive out Santa Rosa Creek Road to visit a local fruit farm and I’m so glad we did because the landscape was unforgettable. My painting “Out Santa Rosa Creek Road” was inspired by one of the […]

Pacific View and Blackberries Too 18×24

A time-worn farm sitting on the Pacific Coast Highway between Point Arena and Westport, California was the inspiration for my painting. We stopped before it just long enough for me to make quick sketches and get photos before continuing on our journey. I was struck by how awesome it would be to wake up each morning to a view […]

Pennsylvania Idyll 18×24

Inspiration is the most important catalyst for any painting and it was not hard to come by when we traveled through the lush Pennsylvania countryside with one idyllic scene after another rolling by. I was especially drawn to one scene because of how organic elements punctuated the landscape and visually took me back to distant farm buildings. However, I […]

Peonies I Saw in Pennsylvania 18×24

Somewhere in Pennsylvania I spotted a less than ordinary scene of an old red house with new, welcoming peonies before it. It was all the inspiration I needed to create this painting. contact Artist for pricing and availability

Perfectly Peaceful Pacific 18×24

“Perfectly Peaceful Pacific” came into view as we made our way down the Pacific Coast Highway between Westport and Fort Bragg, California. The Crimson red wildflowers that lined both sides of the old two lane road first caught my eye and I knew they would compliment the greens I wanted to use. This painting was […]

Westport by the Sea 18×24

Westport, California is a small, quaint village that sits at the edge of the Pacific. Pink flowers coming up at the base of a  falling-down fence caught my eye, not to mention the blue Pacific in the background. I hope I’ve captured the magic of the scene and that my painting welcomes you in to enjoy the […]

A Barn I Saw in Mount Pleasant 18×24

These old farm buildings got my attention when I explored the country roads in the Laurel Mountain Highlands of Pennsylvania. One of three paintings to be featured in the upcoming Splash 15 Creative Solutions by North Light Books. contact Artist for pricing and availability
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