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New book now available!

Book: Painting Beautiful Watercolor LandscapesPurchase Joyce’s new book now at Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble and North Light Books

Joyce’s book covers a wide range of topics and reveals her personal techniques for transforming the landscape. Join her as she shares her art with clear explanations and colorful demonstrations in a beautiful hardbound edition.

Signed editions of the book available through this website’s SHOP.

Following are just a few of the subjects she covers:

How to…..

    • be expressive with color
    • mix natural, organic greens
    • define and paint what you love
    • use the principles and elements of design for success
    • simplify ordinary scenes to uncover hidden beauty
    • turn gray scenes into sunny ones
    • create the illusion of depth
    • turn your focal point into a welcome mat for viewers
    • rearrange shapes for a more powerful composition
    • paint a splashy floral from your imagination

“For me, the thrill of painting with watercolor is all about the beauty of translating feelings with brushstrokes of color. When I push luscious, transparent watercolor paint across bright white paper, I am transported to a creative inner place that can’t be analyzed. It’s pure joy, and Lord only knows how the process happens. I don’t want to interrupt the magic with techniques such as masking, pouring or salting, which may slow the rhythm of my brush, so I choose instead to keep it simple. Before starting a painting I go to great lengths to make sure that all potential problems have been worked out before I ever pick up my brush. Once I have a well-thought plan and feel confident with my choices, I take up my brush and place it in the hands of my heart. I attempt to describe what it is about the scene that moved me to want to paint it in the first place.” Joyce Hicks, AWS

To read the complete article by Cherie Haas go to Cherie Haas, Online Editor North Light Books


Reader Comments

“Having got halfway through your book, watercolour landscapes, I can honestly say it’s the most helpful and inspirational book I’ve read (I’ve got quite a few). Thank you so much for sharing your talent.” Linda J.

“Just wanted to say that I received Joyce’s new book, “Painting Beautiful Watercolor Landscapes” in the mail today. Words cannot describe how truly wonderful this book is. Joyce shares her vast knowledge and love of watercolor in a way that makes it come alive and I can’t wait to try out her techniques on my own. I’ve been enthralled by Joyce’s painting from the first day I stumbled upon them and I want to thank you Joyce from the bottom of my heart! And now, a brand new DVD to enjoy…yippee!!”  Sandy D.

“Joyce, I must tell you how great this DVD is! I stayed up until 2:00am this morning watching it! I plan on watching it a lot. I am starting to look for shapes in landscapes now. :) I am usually a very detailed kind of person so this has been tough but with your great guidance I am learning. Also, thanks for helping understand the layering of the paint better. I also need to quit going back over my strokes once I have laid down the paint. :) Your book is so wonderful too. It is in my hands a lot. Please keep making your wonderful DVD’s!”  Janet C.

I just got my copy of your book and I wanted to tell you how wonderful it is. It must be lovely to finally see it in print!”  Christine P.

“I can not emphasize enough how helpful Joyce’s new art instruction book on watercolor landscapes is to the average enthusiast like myself. “Painting Beautiful Watercolor Landscapes” available on various sites such as Amazon, Barns and Noble and where I purchased mine, North Light Shop. I’ve purchased numerous instruction books and have found Joyce Hicks’s newest release the best investment in my own artistic growth thus far. Simply and clearly written this publication has already enlightened my own negative habits and replaced them with sound practices. Joyce Hicks sincerely sets out to share what she has learned and found most helpful. I never thought I had my own unique style but with the help of these new lessons, I can now glimpse into my own potential. 10 thumbs up!”  Tracy L.

“I just bought your new book and love it. Thank you for your wonderful inspiration!”  Pamela M.

“Such a pleasure to feature your new book at ArtistNetwork.com!  http://bit.ly/ArtistMistakes.”  Cherie Haas

“You do not know me, but I think your work is outstanding.  Yesterday I pre-ordered your book.  From the first time I saw the article in Watercolor Artist I have loved your watercolor technique in landscape.”  Larry T.

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